Why Select a Northstar?

Our slide-on campers are designed with your needs in mind and constructed with high-quality materials so you can travel anywhere and your camper will last!

Our campers are so tough we provide a five year off-road structural warranty to the floor and two year warranty on the walls and framework.

We camp in the truck campers we manufacture, so we can use our own experience to help design the best campers on the market using time tested construction techniques and quality materials.

Northstar Campers, only make slide-on campers, which allows us to constantly improve our designs and dedicate our time to providing you with the best truck camper that will stand the test of time as you travel Australia.

The Importance of Camper Weight

Selecting the right slide-on depends a lot on how much weight your ute can handle. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the weight your ute can handle. You can usually find your slide-on’s certified weight label on the back of the camper, this weight includes all standard equipment like fridges, water tanks and gas tanks.

It’s important to know your utes GVWR because Northstar truck campers are often heavier than the ones produced by our competitors. There’s two reasons for this:

  • Every Northstar has a 5/8-inch underlayment floor to cover your ute bed and features a reinforced frame, galvanized steel corners and several other unique features that allow our campers to last longer.
  • Northstars have more standard features included compared to our competitors; these features are included in the camper’s weight.

If you want to reduce the weight of your camper you can choose to dismount the Happijac leg jacks by a few easy bolts or upgrade to a lithium battery. However we often recommend a GVM upgrade to your vehicle - please talk to us about options if you are uncertain about your payload.

Camper Construction

Each Northstar camper, whether it’s a pop-up or hardwall camper, is built to last using quality craftsmanship and the best construction materials available. Our production staff go above and beyond when constructing our campers, gluing every joint together and then reinforcing the joints with hardened steel screws. All wiring, gas and plumbing systems are installed to meet code requirements while still offering you the highest level of comfort and usability.

Full Insulation

Our campers feature insulation that works well in both hot and cold environments, so you know your camper will be ready for any weather, no matter where you’re traveling. Our hardwall campers standard package includes insulated windows, and our pop-up campers have a Sub Zero insulated softwall material, which adds further protection against the winter elements.

Rather than being a canvas, the Sub Zero is a composite of 3 layers of a modern material known as Tri-Lam. Tri-Lam is constructed so that there is a weatherproof vinyl on the exterior and interior surfaces, meaning the top can be put down after it’s been raining – if mildew forms it is easily wiped off leaving the surface as good as new.

The inner layer is a reflective foil with an insulation factor of R-9 – the foil faces the camper interior assisting in keeping the heat in during winter and the cool in during summer.

Hand fitted to the walls, floor, front and rear of the camper, Celotex Foil keeps your camper cool  during summer, and warm during winter, it also aids in reducing the need for additional heating and cooling, in turn saving money and greenhouse emissions.

 Freestanding – Drive Away and Play

The best thing about a Northstar is they’re freestanding so you can take the camper off, drive away and use your Northstar as a base camp. With the camper detached you can sleep in the bed, have a shower or cook some tea with the freedom to drive your ute anywhere. Northstar slide-on campers are a great alternative to a motorhome because of this unique ability.

Happijac Legs

Simply the best on the market…we spend a lot of time upgrading other brand campers to Happijac legs in our workshop. Your manual Happijac legs can be adjusted with a low speed drill or you can upgrade at anytime to electric and operate all four legs at once from a wireless remote control. Making a speedy mount/dismount of your camper.

Lagun Table

You don’t want any other table leg in your camper. These are lightweight, have multiple adjustment points and you can buy an additional mount so you can use your table outside or in your boat. They're very slim profile and are attached to the side of the seat so you won't be kicking a leg post or trying to awkwardly clean under a table.

Why Northstars are Safer

Commonly known as Methanal, Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring organic compound used as a precursor in the production of industrial resins, building materials, plastics, insulation, textiles, cosmetics and household cleaning products

Given its widespread use, along with its toxic and volatile properties, formaldehyde is considered a significant concern for human health, The United Nations International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies Formaldehyde as being ‘carcinogenic to humans’.

All Northstar campers are designed and manufactured with Formaldehyde emissions in mind – the wall panelling and cabinetry are manufactured with a 0.02 parts per million emission standard, these panels have the lowest emissions available on the market.

Further protection is achieved by the use of safer eco-friendly stains and coatings which assist in locking in the emissions of formaldehyde from within the manufactured panelling.

These processes aid to create an environment which causes little or no irritation to those with sensitive or allergic reactions to formaldehyde, and a safer breathing atmosphere for all.

Know your vehicle's payload

Here's a tip from Pedders about what a payload is:

 Pedders payload