The Battery Branch is Jeff's Shed's battery department, primarily stocking Super Start Batteries, they supply most of Country Victoria with high quality, affordable batteries.

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About Super Start Batteries

Established in western Sydney in the early 1990’s Super Start Batteries quickly grew into one of Australia’s most prominent battery brands and now distributes nationally.

Linked to a worldwide network of research and development and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques Super Start Batteries remains at the forefront of battery technology.

Super Start Batteries is now one of Australia's largest battery suppliers, capable of not only designing, developing and manufacturing batteries of superior quality and performance, they also offer batteries at an affordable price and a service that is second to none.

Super Start Batteries remains 100% Australian owned and operated and attributes its success to its policy “We will not be beaten on price, quality and service.”

Would you like to sell Super Start Batteries

If you're a retailer, manufacturer or repair/service provider and would like to distribute Super Start Batteries please call us on 03 58521822.

Is your vehicle a Super Starter?

Super Start Batteries (SSB) regularly develops new sizes for many clients including OEM and Government Departments. If you require a new size battery to be manufactured you should contact us and provide the required specifications and quantity required.

Through its continuing commitment to supplying its customers with a superior quality product at affordable prices and a second-to-none service, Super Start Batteries remains one of the most popular battery distributors in Sydney today (among other regions in Australia).