About Us

COVID-19 safety.

We encourage phone orders and for everyone to stay home, however this is not always practical. Our service department out the back and our shopfront are still open.

Some of our safety measures include:

  • a regular cleaning schedule - this includes cleaning EFTPOS, counter tops and door knobs
  • supply of hand sanitiser and plastic gloves for customers shopping in the store
  • keeping a safe distance from customers and each other
  • encouraging minimal touching of products
  • sanitising our hands before entering your vehicle or caravan
  • santising imported goods or items from warehouses if they have not had appropriate time for germs to die.

Please do not be offended if we wear gloves before handling money or items you need us to touch.

We hope all our customers can stay safe and use this time at home to prep for their next Aussie adventure!

Gear to get away with.

There’s nothing more tranquil than the crackle of an open fire out the bush.  
The leisure of a holiday gives you time to enjoy the simple things, spend time with friends and family and create memorable experiences.  So it’s important you make those experiences memorable for all the right reasons.

If you plan take the time to get out into the open air and enjoy real, relaxed living you should first take the time to consider your gear. 

Many beautiful holidays have been ruined by faulty camping equipment.  Many wives have become hostile to outdoor living because they haven’t had the convenience of clever storage solutions.  Many weekend 4WD trips have ended in disaster because of faulty recovery gear or bad advice in using it.  The list goes on.

Life’s too short to be messing around with inferior equipment.  We don’t get enough holidays in our hectic life so a trip away that does not live up to our expectations seems wasteful when it can be easily avoided.

Get into the Shed.  

Dedicated campers have trusted Jeff’s Shed P/L to supply their camping equipment since 1981.  Jeff’s Shed is a family owned business located in the country town of Kyabram.  It is here that you will find authentic customer service and advice as only the country can provide, with prices to match the big chain-stores of the city and a selection to make the eyes bulge. 

Jeff hand selects products that do the job best and will continue to do so for many years to come.  Without restrictions in product or brand selection, Jeff can provide innovative, strong and unique equipment that will last. 

Quality camping and caravanning equipment, fridge/freezers and 4WD gear are just part of the range.  Prestige brands of swags, tents, slide on campers, camper trailers and roof top tents are also part of Jeff’s Shed quality product repertoire.  And two floors and 10502m full of it! 

Get real gear.

Assurance in his selection of products is so strong that he warrants all manufacturers guarantees and is never too busy to help you out if something should go wrong.  There’s no un-returned phone calls when it comes to warranty and repair work.

Get going.

The service, extensive range and prices are so good in fact many of their loyal customers travel from the far reaches of Cairns and Perth to visit the store regularly. 

Package deals are available.  So if you’re looking to buy a new camper or caravan and need a bit of equipment before you get on the road, Jeff can make a complete set up very affordable.

Or if you’re too busy to shop, just place an order over the phone.

On your next voyage why not drop into Kyabram, it’s not far from the river, has plenty of parking with easy access for large vans and is only two hours from Melbourne.

Get some gear from Jeff’s Shed and get going!

  • Northstar Slide-on Campers
  • Fantasy Hybrid Offroad Caravans
  • Single & tandem axle trailers
  • Superstart Batteries
  • Darche outdoor gear
  • Carryboy canopies and 4x4 accessories
  • Dobinsons suspension and 4x4 accessories
  • Torqit diesel performance modules, pedal torq and peformance exhausts
  • 4x4 equpiment and roof top tents
  • Evakool and Waeco ice boxes and fridge/freezers
  • Clearview towing mirrors
  • Vanrest Beds Direct custom made mattresses
  • A huge range of camping, caravan and 4WD gear